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Most Wanted Man GermanyMost Wanted Man In The USA

This was the last recording under the Christie name before Jeff embarked on an "official" solo career, using his full name. With a span of more than a year between this song and the last, this single was obviously looked on hopefully as a springboard to relaunch Christie's profile.
   The single featured the "old" Christie foursome on its sleeve, even though there had already been two line-up changes since then. In fact, the release was a Jeff Christie solo effort, backed by some impressive studio musicians, including Simon Phillips on drums. The single was issued in only a few countries, and on a couple of different labels — Telefunken and Decca in Europe and Wizard in Australasia.
   Once more, Jeff chose someone else's song — and again, it fit the Christie format of country-pop and appealing, catchy tune. However, the tale of an outlawed bandit is so lightweight it does not leave as indelible an impression as some of Jeff's stronger, commercial work.
   The original finished version did not feature horns, which was added on at the last minute, making this the only Christie song to feature such instrumental accompaniment. The version without horns can be heard on the Repertoire release of the For All Mankind album.
   The song's composers enjoyed minor chart success of their own as the pop group Yellowstone and Voice. Joe Dolan also had a minor hit with this song.

Rockin' Suzanna (J Christie)

As the name suggests, the song is a basic, pacy rock and roll tune. While it has commercial appeal, it's not one of Jeff's stronger melodies. This was a leftover from an old Christie session, featuring Vic on lead guitar, and repolished for the B-side.
NB: The sleeve uses the spelling "Susanna".

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