zalóz sie (you bet)
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In May 2006, Jeff appeared on the popular Polish TV show Zalóz sie (You Bet) on channel TVP2 .. the first time Jeff revisited the country since Christie's historic performance at the Sopot festival in 1970. The program challenges celebrities to guess the outcome of unlikely scenarios, and Jeff was asked if it was possible for a free-falling parachutist to be completely shaved on the face by another parachutist before they had to release their parachutes. Jeff correctly guessed that it could not be done. If he had got it wrong, he would have had to milk a goat on stage.
      In between, Jeff also sang Yellow River twice, accompanied by dancing girls and flag-waving guys on roller skates.

show introduction
jeff on stage
jeff on stage
jeff close-up
jeff on-stage
go-go dancer
the host issues the challenge
can this man be shaved in freefall?
the butt of jeff's jokes if jeff fails
jeff answers correctly

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