yellow river
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This video was made for the well-known Belgian TV pop show Tienerklanken, which has played host to all the major music industry stars over the past few decades.
   The black and white clip takes the members of Christie out to a rather insipid-looking river, infested with weeds and litter. Was this the best locale Brussels could offer, one wonders.
   Obviously made at the launch of Christie's career, the video features Jeff, Vic and Mike amongst the tall grass at the side of the river, singing and playing along to the song. Without a drum kit, Mike uses a set of twigs and plays on his thighs, watched by a non-plussed cow in a paddock.
   Jeff is shown pumping water from a well into a trough, as Vic and Mike sit on the edges and laugh along.

Yellow River
Vic's guitar
Thigh drums


Leave the thinking to the cows and enjoy what these cats are doing...

I first heard this song in Vietnam in late 1970. It was sung by a Phillipino band in a half-ass club outside DaNang. Great song, I think Christie did a better job LOL .....

Makes you feel younger than it is now....

Jeff has always sounded the same from the 1960s to now whenever he sings Yellow River. :) I find that to be great!:)

LEGENDARY TRACK ... makes me feel good everytime. Max respect to the guys of Christie. Not very often Iwould like a remake over an original but check out the Jigsaw's version of this song. They do it damn good. I like both versions but Jigsaws is my fav.

I am 13 years old and this song is excellent.

I agree with Tryin00 .. infectious. The chorus is 'in my mind' all the time lately. Maybe it's because I've played this vid daily since I found it. Definite thanks for posting.


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