the outer limits and jukebox jury

Hit!Jeff's Outer Limits had the honour of having their first commercially released single, Just One More Chance, featured on BBC TV's Jukebox Jury.
    This most enduring of UK pop panel shows was hosted by deejay David Jacobs, in front of a Rock-Ola Tempo II jukebox and his famous bell and hooter which he used to announce whether a song was a Hit or Miss respectively.
    It featured a celebrity panel of four people rendering their judgements on the latest pop releases, and had a catchy theme song called Hit and Miss, penned and performed by John Barry and a hit in its own right.
    In the case of a split decision, a separate panel made up of members of the audience voted as a tie-breaker.
    There were guests of all kinds on the panel, not only from the world of music, but also from sport and the theatre. The most famous panellists were the four Beatles themselves.
    The Outer Limits single was judged during a 1967 program, with the guest panellists including the Shadows' Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch.
    As Jeff recalls, he watched the show as the record was played before the panel, and then voted upon.
    Bruce voted it a miss but Hank liked it, saying "it reeks of a hit".
    "He was also complimentary about the vocal and the arrangement," Jeff said.
    In the end, two panellists voted it a hit, and two a miss, resulting in a tie.
    The teenage studio audience then had to cast the deciding vote, and they proclaimed it a hit, resulting in David ringing his magic bell.
    "I've always wanted to thank Hank for that vote of confidence, that may well have had a positive effect and reaffirmation of self-belief in my breakthrough less than three years later," Jeff said.
    "Peer acknowledgement and praise from those you admire is like a blessing."
    The jury's decision proved accurate, with Just One More Chance nudging the top 50 — not a bad debut for an aspiring pop band.

David Jacobs

Host David Jacobs and his magic buttons

TV audience

"It's a hit!", votes the
Jukebox Jury studio audience

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