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Around 1971, with Christie at the height of their fame, a Yorkshire TV channel interviewed Jeff about his success. With a local-boy-made-good slant, the program starts off by filming a messianic-looking Jeff at Leeds Grammar School, where Jeff was educated, and then proceeds into the studio where the interview continues.

Jeff at Leeds Grammar


Some excerpts from Jeff's answers:

"Yellow River was a hit in more than 20 countries round the world, and sold three million copies. There was fantastic demand for us to play those places, so we went."
   "I haven't had a chance to write as much in the past seven to eight months. There is fantastic mental stress, always on one plane and off onto another plane. You're living out of suitcases and have to completely uproot. Different countries, different people, different climates, different foods."
   "The average person will say, "Great! What's he complaining about?". I'm not complaining, I'm loving every minute, but at the same time, it's a great strain. You don't have time to unwind and relax. There's always something to worry about next. You want to keep doing your best. But you can't please everyone. There's always someone waiting to knock you down."
   "At the beginning, the glamour did appeal to me. But it's 90 per cent hard work and graft and toil and 10 per cent glamour, when it comes down to it."

Looks like JC, same initials


Jeff Christie looks divinely gorgeous in this interview, but He also looks gorgeous in the 2009 tour to Germany! Keep smiling Jeff!!

Incredible insight for such a young man. That is perhaps the reason he is still successful to this day. Notice the attitude of the much older reporter; clearly learning from a wiser soul. Jeff, you have my respect.


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