an interview with jeff's christie

When Jeff's Christie appeared at an Oldies show in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1995, the band were interviewed by a local TV program. Excerpts are provided below. All band members participated: Jeff (JC), Kevin Moore (KM), Adrian Foster (AF) and Simon Kay (SK).

Through the lensInterviewer (I): Christie are a famous band. What does it mean for you to open the Oldies show?
JC: Opening the show is the hardest job. The audience is cold and we have to warm them up. We prefer to be later on in the program but that's the way it goes.

I: Is there a diference between German audiences and in other parts of the world?
KM: Definitely. Audiences in Germany involve themselves a lot more at the shows.

I: Yellow River has been around for 25 years. Do you get tired of playing it?
AF: No. It depends on the reaction of the crowd. Generally they go crazy over it and it's a pleasure to play it.
SK: I've only been playing it for five years!

I: Did you know the songs of Christie before you joined the band?
SK: Yes, I grew up with these people and these songs, and to play alongside the artists of the 60s and 70s whose records I bought .. before I learnt to play the drums .. I learnt songs from these people and to play alongside them, that's great.

I: Did you see the old videos of Christie?
SK: I've seen Jeff going down the river .. he had nice sideburns and big flares.

I: The 90s is a new challenge. Is there a chance to write new material in the way the songs were written in the 60s?
SK: It's difficult to play rave and techno on stage, where we use real guitars ..
JC: There is a change .. people want to hear good songs again. The artists from the 60s and 70s are now having a second life.

I: What is the motivation?
JC: If you do what you love to do and do it to the best of your ability .. just believe in what you do, the rewards are secondary.

I: Is there anything in the 60s we haven't got today?
JC: The attitude has changed. In the 60s we believed everything was possible, even peace. It sounds corny, but people believed it could happen. The feeling in the 60s was very special and we won't see it again.

I: What type of music do you like?
JC: We all like music that's well-played, and well made. I grew up with the music of the 60s and am comfortable with those songs. I guess we're not really comfortable with techno music.

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