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When Jeff's first group The Outer Limits eventually decided to break up after struggling for years for success, the local television station, Yorkshire TV, made a documentary on the demise, calling it Death of a Pop Group.
    Shown in 1969, the program was watched by a wide viewing audience, and ironically, by doing so it achieved the sort of recognition which the group had hoped to attain.
     The feature starts off with footage of the band playing at a nightclub, and then addresses the question of why an emerging, popular band like The Outer Limits subsequently failed to break through nationally.
     Interspersed with interviews with all the group members, the documentary tracks the history of the band, and explains how difficult it is for struggling musicians to simply survive while meeting expenses and paying debts, and what a difficult life it can be constantly on the road. The camera follows Jeff and the boys through a music shop as they choose their instruments and wince at the cost of the items.

Death of a Pop Group
Jeff in music shop

The narrator explains how glowing reviews (such as The Outer Limits enjoyed) was no guarantee of success. Despite optimism about their singles, the band members express their disappointment at how the songs were not given enough support by the record company, the radio stations, and the record-buying public. The Outer Limits played cutting edge, progressive music, but as the documentary says, that did not help them progress. Jeff points the finger at the state of the music industry, which only wanted to hear "Motown and the same old, safe music". Teenagers and discotheque patrons are even quizzed about the sort of music that they prefer to listen to instead ("Rocksteady and Tamla" being a common answer).
     While a couple of the band members sound relieved at the break-up because they wouldn't have to travel so much anymore, Jeff shows his determination by stating that he will go on even if his band doesn't. If he can't make it as a performer, he vows to make it as a songwriter .. and of course, as it turned out, he succeeded on both counts.
     The documentary ends with The Outer Limits playing an unreleased Jeff Christie song, Writing On The Wall, and a reprise of their biggest hit, Just One More Chance.

Stan in music shop
Band playing
Band playing

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