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PoptoonTRAVELLING CIRCUS (Blakley/Hawkes)

1st verse
Watch the children's faces
When the circus comes to town
Looking at the animals
And laughing at the clowns
Everybody wants to see the show
Mothers, brothers, grannies even go

Horses chasing
Dollies riding them
Round the ring and round they go again

2nd verse
Elephants are finishing
The band is playing loud
Clowns appear from nowhere and
Are running through the crowd
Slipping, sliding, water everywhere
Screaming, shouting, laughter fills the air


Spoken part
It was then I noticed
The unhappiness in a child's face
When a circus is leaving
When the big top which means so much to them
Finally sinks to the ground
And the last caravan moves slowly over the empty field



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