Space 1999 Theme
(V Elmes/B Gray)

Gerry Anderson's fantastic science fiction marionation and live action television programs were much-loved by viewers all around the globe. They featured futuristic concepts, designs and nice special effects, most of them augmented by great, stirring music composed by Barry Gray.
   One of the catchiest and punchiest of the theme songs was that used for the first year run of Space: 1999, the 70s TV program that starred the husband-and-wife team of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, late of another TV show, Mission Impossible.
   Like all the other pieces written by Gray, it features a grand orchestral arrangement — however, in this case, it also includes some searing electric guitarwork by Vic Elmes. Collaborating with music editor Alan Willis, Vic created this guitar interlude — earning him the title of music associate for the show — and played it accompanied by the bass guitarist and drummer from the rock band Zebra.

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