The Magic Highway


Loosely translated from an article in the Sonora paper, Hermosillo, Mexico, October 1974.

Christie in MexicoCHRISTIE performed yesterday in the civic auditoriums, playing two shows where they were a great hit.
   The group arrived from Chihuahua on Sunday and we had the opportunity to chat with them.
   Group founder Jeff Christie and the other members Roger, Tony and another Roger were all friendly and accessible.
   Jeff said the music of the band appealed to all ages and trends, with the Yellow River disc alone selling millions of copies.
   " Another song, Iron Horse, was also a big world-wide hit," he said.
   The members said they loved the warmth at Hermosillo and most of the time enjoyed it around the swimming pool at the hotel where they were staying. They were enjoying their first time in Mexico, where they would stay for another seven days before heading off to other parts of Central and South America.
   Jeff said the band continued to play in these places because of the tremendous support they continued to have here for their records.
   These English boys have a positive influence on youth, even though by their looks (long hair, hippie clothes) some might think otherwise - but we can verify that they have many healthy ideas and a love of humanity, and are all very professional in their work.
   They were delighted by the reception at Chihuahua, where there were not just youngsters in the audience, but also more mature fans of their music. They were so popular that the audience called them back for extended encores.