christie/for all mankind (repertoire)

(CD, Repertoire Records)

bookletAlmost the entire Christie canon has been released by re-issue specialists Repertoire Records. The first two albums have been re-produced with the original track listing and eight extra songs on each, comprising the non-album singles and flipsides. The only missing song is Jo Jo's Band. Each track is remastered, and each CD comes with a handsome booklet with great pictures (most of which were donated by Jeff and I). This is a must for all Christie fans, as it includes songs not previously released on CD.
   To get your copies, visit your local music store to see if they are in stock. If not, simply ask for them to be imported. Alternatively, you can try mail order services, many of which operate on the web. If you still have no luck, write to Repertoire direct at: Repertoire Records, Adlerhorst 15, D-22459 Hamburg, Germany.
   The only song not here, Jo Jo's Band, can be found on the Christie Again album. Since that CD has all brand new recordings, any fan who gets that album plus these two Repertoire CDs is guaranteed of owning every Christie song to date, without any song repeated between the three CDs. The perfect trio!


CHRISTIE featuring Yellow River and San Bernadino
(Repertoire Records, RR 2304)

1. Yellow River
2. Gotta Be Free
3. I've Got A Feeling
4. New York City
5. Inside Looking Out
6. Put Your Money Down
7. Down The Mississippi Line
8. San Bernadino
9. Country Boy
10. Johnny One Time
11. Coming Home Tonight
12. Here I Am
13. Until The Dawn
14. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
15. Freewheelin' Man
16. Inside Looking Out (mono version)
17. Iron Horse
18. Every Now and Then
19. Fools Gold
20. California Sunshine
21. Born To Lose



(Repertoire Records, RR 2305)

1. Magic Highway
2. Man Of Many Faces
3. Picture Painter
4. Martian King
5. For All Mankind
6. Peace Lovin' Man
7. My Baby's Gone
8. Country Sam
9. I Believe In You
10. If Only
11. The Dealer (Down and Losin')
12. Pleasure and Pain
13. Alabama
14. I'm Alive
15. Guantanamera
16. Navajo
17. Most Wanted Man In The USA (unreleased version)
18. Rockin' Suzanna




"GOING back to the early 70's, what great memories I have for this era. Just bought the Yellow River CD and I have to say I love every track. Most people who remember Christie will automatically think of Yellow River which was his number one hit, and rightly so: it is a classic.
   Jeff Christie, who is from the UK and was born in Leeds, is very under rated in my opinion. I think he's more versatile music-wise than many people think.
   When he wrote Yellow River it was offered to The Tremeloes who did record it as a single but then changed their minds about releasing it. Bet they regretted it at the time.
   In the end Christie used the track themselves and the rest is history, a No.1 hit and it sold millions worldwide.
   Going back to the CD, Christie also charted with his follow-up single San Bernadino, another favourite of mine which got to No.7.
   This is one of the best CDs have bought in a long time; every track has its own merits and all are fantastic in my opinion. New York City, Inside Looking Out and Down The Mississippi Line really got me rocking along. FANTASTIC!!
   A great addition to the disc are the bonus tracks which include Iron Horse and Fools Gold, which are awesome and very welcome.
   To sum up can't fault the disc, which is why I give it 5 Stars and the sound quality is amazing.
If anyone is thinking about buying this CD and you like the 70's, all Ican say is do it now. These are great tracks and they will have you singing and rocking along.
The CD starts with Yellow River and finishes with the rocker Born To Lose. Absolutely brilliant!!
A worthy addition to any collection."

starsD Burton:

"BEAUTIFULLY packaged and presented, not least for the generous helping of bonus tracks, Christie's first album is one you can enjoy if you're prepared to ignore the question of what is cool.
   Frontman Jeff Christie had already recorded as a member of The Epics and The Outer Limits, two obscure pop bands of the late 1960s. With Christie he attempted to make music with a rougher edge, but it's evident from this album that he could never stray far from his pop tendencies.
   The result is a collection of memorable tracks that have a touch of grittiness without ever being convincing as rock songs. Just to confuse matters, many of the songs are taken at a simple country-styled tempo while employing rock-styled guitar.
   Their biggest hit, Yellow River, is a typical example. The memorable guitar intro suggests a rock song which is then belied by a more down home rhythm. The decision to write mock Americana is another complication. Ultimately, this English band make music that isn't authentic or fully committed to any genre but works on a simple level. Then again, if an Englishman can find fame with a song about Amarillo, why can't Christie do the same with San Bernadino? This is a lovely song, though it suffers from a weak production.
   There are highlights among the non-singles too, the prowling guitar of Country Boy for instance, but this is an album of minor fluctuations in what is sustained quality. Only the production, which often holds back the rhythm, is suspect. For lovers of pop without prejudice, this is a good value album."
starsDJH Thorn: Hull, UK

"5 stars, magnific!!! A special collector item, wonderful sound and a splendid artwork. In addition to the new release, you can have all those hard to find rarities by Jeff Christie."
starsduhanna: Brazil

"WHEN I heard Yellow River for the first time in decades, it sparked me to seek out the 'Voice of Tony Burrows' CD, so convinced I was that Christie was yet another of the Burrows-led groups of the early 70's such as Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man, First Class, et al.
   Upon receiving the Burrows recording, I was disappointed to find Christie's Yellow River was not included in the compilation. How could the producers omit such a classic? Upon researching further, the answer became apparent. Tony Burrows and Christie had nothing to do with one another.
   So I ordered the CD Christie, ear unheard, so to speak, and what an unexpected pleasure it turned out to be!
   Other than Yellow River, I had never before heard any of the selections included therein but was delighted with the disc from the first listen. After a month, it remains in permanent rotation in the car and it gets regular listenings.
   The tightness of this three-man band is something to behold and the recording comes with my highest recommendation, whatever THAT's worth. But if you enjoyed the catchy tunes of Tony Burrows, you'll really appreciate the sounds of Christie."
starsPL Svendsen: Illinois, USA

"CHRISTIE epitomised the glory and power of big beat which in itself was quite removed from the rock'n'roll idiom. True, this release is as lavish on touch as it is void of the original rugged CBS vinyl sound - nevertheless, the band's manner comes through straighforward, harmonic-rich, unequalized and background-noise intact! Hence the sound is empowering and overly convincing.
   In San Bernadino, arguably Jeff's most underestimated track, those traits are particularly noteworthy. Pity the band went heavy primitive later (as Jeff chose to compensate riffs for sheer energy).
   The release reminds us of how great the initial Christie were live. There's unfortunately no single version of Down The Mississippi Line here. "
starsVladimir Yelbaev: Moscow, Russia

"CHRISTIE were more than just Yellow River. They were a group either behind or ahead of their time ... depending on your perspective. They were out of step with the early 70s progressive rock movement, but pre-dated the rock revival and glam rock scene by several years.
   This reissue of their first album (plus bonus tracks) is a long overdue gem. The songs are all catchy and riff-laden mini-masterpieces. Apart from their hits (Yellow River and San Bernadino), there's a wealth of great stuff to enjoy here, Country Boy being a standout. A very highly recommended reissue. Repertoire's remastering is exemplary."
starsColin Duff: Sydney, Australia

"THIS is totally sick! Until The Dawn is the greatest song ever written ... and I Gotta Be Free is #2.
   This record remains one of the greatest finds for these two songs alone, in addition to Yellow River."
starsE. Snizek: Guam

"CHRISTIE'S style of music was simple, high-energy rock with country influences. Jeff Christie was their main songwriter and lead singer. They made it to number one in the UK charts with Yellow River in 1970 although it was quickly knocked off the top my Mungo Jerry's classic In The Summertime.
   Following that success, their next single, San Bernadino, became a top ten UK hit. Any hopes that they might have a string of hits after that were quickly dispelled as they only had one other UK hit: Iron Horse, which only briefly crept in at the bottom of the charts. I get the impression that Christie were more successful in Germany, where their music has been easier to find on CDs.
   In the seventies, pop and rock music became ever more complex, so the simple sounds of Christie soon went out of fashion. Nevertheless, their music is highly entertaining and worthy of a place in any collection of rock oldies."
starsPete Harris: Leicester, England

"FOR me it's a long lost 70s sound. Finding Christie is like finding my childhood, back in the early 70s. I knew Christie from my dad's Top of The Pops audio cassettes. It was really a long journey for me to find it.
   Yellow River and the ultimate one (for me), Iron Horse - all written by the man of the band, Jeff Christie.
   Before reading the brochure inside, I thought they were an American band. People can tell it from their music (basic rock with blues and country taste) and song tittles (New York City? Mississipi? San Bernardino?). But no, they come from UK."
starsugroseno: Jakarta, Indonesia

"THIS is the sound of Chreedence; Christie plus Creedence.
   It's got the hits you probabaly haven't heard in a long time, if ever. Yep, they were English, all right, but if San Bernadino and Yellow River and Down The Mississippi Line and Country Boy (get the idea?) don't sound like Creedence, then Creedence doesn't sound like they really were born on the bayou after all."
starsMark Champion: San Antonio, Texas, United States

"TO listen to Christie again is like to come back to all those good years ago, it's magic and really a wonderful feeling.
   The trio pass to all who listen to them the good sound from the 70s, and playing only guitar, bass and drums. Christie's sound is clear and pure.
   The Christie CD brings eight bonus tracks to give you an unforgettable gift; some songs were released on singles and never released on LP before.
   How I love this record and I was hoping for this CD for a long time."
starsReginaldo G. Pacelli: Indaiatuba, Sau Paulo, Brazil

"IF you are a fan of the old music, as I am, the Christie CD is the one for you. It is a very good CD to add to your collection, I play drums and love the songs on this ..... bottom line: GET IT.!!!!
starsDevon Hartman: Michigan, United States

"THE Christie album holds up over time. Some of the songs were unknown to me, but I have played it many times since I bought it."
starsMorlock Loves Music: Atlanta, United States

"JEFF Christie and the gang turn up the heat on this one, with a harder approach towards rock.
   Don't get me wrong, they were never Zeppelin/Purple, but they still push out some decent 70's mild rock tracks, as is evident on Magic Highway, Picture Painter, Peace Loving Man and My Baby's Gone.
   The stand out track is Martian King, which would easily fit into any of the early Uriah Heep albums - by the way, some great lead guitar work from Vic Elmes.
   The title track For All Mankind is quite an uplifting song with poignant lyrics.

record collectorYorkshire boy Jeff Christie was one of the first Brits to make any serious headway in the US charts before ever setting foot on American soil. His band's debut release Yellow River sold millions around the world, reaching No 1 in the UK and across Europe. Hopes were high for this homegrown version of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
   Their hit-making days were over in a year or so, however, after top 10 success with San Bernadino and scarping the lower rungs of the listings with Iron Horse. All three singles feature on the expanded reissue of their eponymous first album, but Christie's hummable country pop proved a little too polite for longevity, lacking the hard musical edge of CCR, forcing a rethink on 1971's For All Mankind.
   With more focus on bluesy solos and extended riffing, it was as if Christie were labouring under the impression that making their tracks twice as long somehow made them more credible or hip, although Picture Painter has a certain mid-60s Who charm.

classic rockIf CBS had been smarter, they might have steered Christie towards being the new Creedence, judging by their second album which kicks with unexpected vigour, turning MOR pop into melodic rock.
   Unfortunately, while the songs were cruising towards Green River, production was marooned in Yellow River. Some effort was made to rectify this problem on subsequent tracks, included on the new Repertoire release as bonus songs.

sony bmgChristie's second album was a large success, but it was not as pop-oriented as the first album, being somewhat harder and bluesier.
But the strong commercial tracks were present, such as Picture Painter.
   There are eight bonus tracks, among them — hard to believe, but true — the Sandpipers' classic Guantanamera.
   Both Christie albums were developed with the co-operation of Jeff Christie, who also contributed some songs from his private archives.
   At the beginning of the 70s, Christie were proclaimed as England's answer to Creedence Clearwater Revival.