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From time to time, polls and quizzes on various aspects of Christie's career will appear on this page.

HERE's your chance to win an album of tracks recorded by Christie at the BBC! Click here to enter. Only one entry per person is allowed.

THE MARTIANS ARE BACK!! The Martian King has travelled in his spaceship to another page on this website (not this page, obviously).
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» A complete version of the song Nightmare
» Three different-sized wallpapers of Christie to download
» A big photo of Christie suitable for printing
» A set of Christie promotional postcards, only available to the first person who finds them (this has been won .. congratulations to Eddy). 

VOTE for Jeff's next single ... maybe!

THE poll for Jeff's new single is closed! Here's how you voted for the 10 songs to choose from:


In top spot was Road Of No Return (32 per cent of votes). Jeff says it was a good choice! The song was written in 1969 and one of the many he had compiled in his portfolio as he was trying to build a career as a songwriter. It could have made it onto the first Christie album, but missed the cut.
   A great suggestion came from Victor Ramos, Alicante, Spain, who said Jeff should just release a new album with all 10 songs on it! I think we all will agree with that.
   Thanks to everyone who voted . Listen to the samples below.

Building Bridges
City Lights
Driving Down To Memphis
On The Other Side Of The Tracks
Troubled Times
Welcome Home
When I Was Young
Play Me No Sad Songs
Road Of No Return

jeff single


1. Apart from Jeff Christie, which other members of Christie have sung lead vocals on Christie songs?

Answer: Vic Elmes, Lem Lubin (California Sunshine) and Roger Flavell (Guantanamera)

2. What have the following Richards got to do with Christie?
(a) Richard Bamfield
(b) Richard Nixon

Answer: (a) Richard Bamfield was the man whose tombstone was on the cover of the For All Mankind album (b) President Richard Nixon was the man who inspired I Believe In You

3. Name 15 towns or cities in the USA mentioned in Christie songs (and the names of the songs in which they appeared).

Answer: Here are some ... San Bernadino, New York City, Down The Mississippi Line (Georgia, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans), Alabama, California Sunshine, Most Wanted Man (Nebraska, Alaska, Los Angeles, Kansas city, Atlanta, Montana, Phoenix city)

4. Name four songs Jeff Christie wrote about the pioneering days of the wild west in the USA.

Answer: Great Train Robbery, Johnny One Time, Iron Horse, Alabama

5. Name three Christie songs about gambling.

Answer: Put Your Money Down, New York City, Dealer (Down and Losin')

6. Name the Christie songs exceeding 4:30 minutes that were released on singles.

Answer: Guantanamera, Magic Highway (on maxi-EP)

7. What was the last Christie song released that featured (a) Vic Elmes on guitar and (b) Paul Fenton on drums?

Answer: (a) Rockin' Suzanna (b) Pleasure and Pain

Here are the results of the completed polls to date, as submitted by visitors to the website.


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