peace lovin' man/picture painter
Peace Lovin Man Asian
Peace Lovin Man Asia
Peace Lovin Man disc
Picture Painter disc

Peace Lovin' Man(J Christie)
Picture Painter (J Christie)

This product is a real rarity. These two songs were released on a single ONLY in South East Asia. This is the genuine article, and definitely not a bootleg or pirated version.
   A really powerful single, it features two outstanding Jeff Christie tracks on one disc. A case could be made for this being the best Christie single apart from the Yellow River/Mississippi Line debut recording (and the limited release pairing of Iron Horse and Everything's Gonna Be Alright in some European countries). It is a pity it was not released in other parts of the world, as it would've been a massive hit in many charts.
   Read here for a review of both songs. There was also a companion EP released.


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