The Magic Highway


The Outer Limits had the great honour of being part of a pop package tour in 1967 which featured, among other artists, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.


THE program notes had this to say about the band:
   "The outfit from Leeds has had its present line-up for almost two years. Their name seemed a natural for them, since each of the boys is a science fiction fan.
   A widely-aclaimed group in the north of England, The Outer Limits entered a talent contest in April last year and were made joint winners with Deram stablemates, Los Escudos. This led to ABC Televisio n signing them for some promotional shows to tie in with the Batman series, but due to legal reasons over copyright, the idea was eventually scrapped.
   Though sadly disheartened, the boys then decided to give serious thought to their songwriting. A tape was sent off to their London agent and manager Dru Harvey, who, on hearing it, made immediate plans to record.
   Jeff Christie's Just One More Chance was chosen as an ideal debut title, with another of his number, Help Me Please, on the flipside."

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