christie (mexico 1974)

Christie LP front

Christie LP back

(LP, 1974)

1. Rio Amarillo (Yellow River)
2. Ciudad De Nueva York (New York City)
3. El Jugador (The Dealer)
4. El Oro Es Para Los Tontos (Fools Gold)
5. Tengo Que Se Libre (Gotta Be Free)
6. Tengo Un Presentimiento (I"ve Got A Feeling)
7. Navajo
8. San Bernadino
9. Alabama
10. Estoy Vivo (I'm Alive)
11. Caballo De Acero (Iron Horse)


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Navajo reached the top of the Mexican charts for Christie in 1974. To make the most of the achievement, a new album of Christie songs was released on the local market, as well as an accompanying EP.
   The set is very much a greatest hits package, and as can be seen in the picture, the cover highlights the four big hits: Yellow River (Rio Amarillo), Navajo, Iron Horse (Caballo De Acero) and San Bernadino.
   As a retrospective of Christie's career, it is perhaps a more complete album than the South American greatest hits compilation, since it includes the later tracks like The Dealer and Alabama. But it excludes songs from around the For All Mankind era.