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JEFF was always keen to try his hand at various genres of songs. As such, much of his solo work is different in style to the country pop of Christie. But whatever the song, one thing characterises a Jeff Christie composition - a great melody.

Jeff studio sessionsThe Robert Kingston sessions
(RK Studios, London, UK)

Jeff recorded several songs at RK Studios, Windmill St, London, between 1978 and 1981. The best of them were compiled for a solo album, and four of them were released on singles. Unfortunately, the record company collapsed before the album was released. All the songs were written by Jeff, engineered by Barry Kingston, and produced by Barry and Jeff.
     Paul Fenton was reunited with Jeff on several tracks. Other studio musicians were Ted Platt, Pete Moss, and the late John Glascock (formerly of Carmen and Jethro Tull).

Back On The Boards
Paul on drums and cabaza, Ted on jazz guitar and acoustic, and Jeff on acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, lead vox and back-up vox. A nice, jazzy atmosphere pervades this song which has a smooth, silky chorus and great percussion.

Both Ends Of The Rainbow (>>click for review)

In A Rich Man's Shoes
A mid-tempo rocker, with a very 80's feel. A great album track. "If you wanna walk out in a rich man's shoes, you gotta sign on for the rich man's blues".

Somebody Else (>>click for review)

You've Got The Love
An outstanding track which shows off Jeff's melodic flair to the fore. A lovely up-tempo ballad which employs two female backup singers at the close.

On The Same Side
A song about peace and understanding. John Carter (of Carter Lewis and the Southerners) helped out with some backup vocals on the chorus. Jeff attempts to get a Carlos Santana feel on the guitar solo, and a spiky clavinet riff comes in about halfway through. In a great arrangement, the piece ends with an instrumental jam and descending choral effect.

Another Point Of View
Jeff returns to a country-poppish sound here, in this song about a couple in a relationship who don't often see eye to eye. "Slow down, we're heading for a showdown."

You And Me
A rocking love song with nice imagery in the lyrics, employing flutes and saxophones, and nice rolling percussion. A very "different" Jeff Christie-type song. Used in the movie Outer Touch, with the long instrumental section forming the perfect aural backdrop for various sequences in the film.

Turn On Your Lovelight (>>click for review)

Take Me As You Find Me
Paul and John Glascock, fresh from the Carmen days, play with Jeff on this plaintive ballad. Jeff plays a sad melancholic guitar, almost like soft crying. Tragically, John was to die a few days later.

A tremendous rock ballad on which Jeff shows the full extent of his great vocals, demonstrating some powerful work on the chorus. Jeff had written this song with Rod Stewart or Elton John in mind.

Tightrope (>>click for review)

Midnite Express
Jeff introduces this with some wild and crazy keyboard playing, and the whole rhythym of the song gives the impression of motion, as he sits in "the Midnite Express" on his way back to his hometown. You can almost see the buildings, neon signs and country scenery flashing by the windows.

This love song has a jazzy, bluesy groove, with thick bass and strong drumming backing up Jeff's pleading vocals.

Saints And Sinners
Jeff plays as many instruments as he can lay hands on in this whimsical piece which contains some very cynical lyrics, in which Jeff questions just who the true saints and sinners of the world are.

Life On Earth
A very David Bowie-ish feel here, both in terms of vocal styling and arrangement. Maybe a good-natured dig at Bowie's Life On Mars?

American Boys
A plodding melody and satirical look at life in America.

The RG Jones sessions
(RG Jones Studios, London, UK)

Jeff recorded some songs at RG Jones studios in 1976. Two were released on the last Christie single. Musicians included John Perry, Steve Elson, and Simon Phillips, who eventually became a drummer for the Who.

Most Wanted Man In The USA
The version on the single employed horns. This sample is of the original take.

Rockin' Suzanna (>>click for review)

It Ain't Easy
A very commercial composition that would have made for a great Christie song. Perhaps it would have even made for a better B-side to Most Wanted Man ..

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