The Magic Highway



Jingle writerJEFF Christie has written several advertising jingles throughout his career, although his most recognised one is probably the adaptation of Yellow River to publicise The Yellow Pages, which was used without Jeff's permission.
     Jeff was also approached to write a jingle for Coca Cola back in 1971, but had to decline because of heavy work commitments with the band. Many years later, Jeff would cut an experimental jingle for Coca Cola to include as part of his portfolio.
     Here is a list of some of Jeff's jingles that he has recorded over the years, with samples included for a few of them. Some were commissioned pieces, others were roughs done in Jeff's home.
     All work is copyrighted by Jeff Christie and public use is expressly forbidden.

Yellow Pages: a TV commercial that ran for 20 years
MHS: an advertisement used on TV for a UK firm
James Whale: a station identification jingle for a radio presenter
British Rail: media commercial for a different kind of Iron Horse
Motorvation: media commercial for a UK company
Kut Kost: media commercial for a UK firm
Woburn House: a commercial for a local nightclub
From Jeff's demo portfolio:
French Perfume: lovely mellotron melody
Mars Confectionery: "Mars gives you energy!"
McDonalds: simple, singalong jingle
Coca Cola: "Things go better with Coke"
Baby Soap: lilting tune
Alpine Ski: one of Jeff's favourite pieces, don't be surprised to see it turn up in a fuller version in one of his songs
Fresh (deodorant): bright and bouncy