The Magic Highway



Jeff Christie: Paint Me A Picture Of My Life

Vic Elmes: (Every) Now and Then

Paul Fenton: Christie, Cabinets and Carmen

Mike Blakley: From River to Roads

Lem Lubin: Pop, Porridge and Producing

Roger Flavell: From Christie to Christian

Danny Krieger: From Alabama to Arizona

Terry Fogg: Thunder Down Under

Roger Willis: Drumming up a Storm

Tony Ferguson: Mr Big Shot!

Greg Ainsworth: The unknown Christie member

Stan Drogie: Drogie the Drummer

Paul Cardus: Tales of the Tremmers

Godfrey Claff: When The Work Was True

Kevin Moore: More about Moore!

Simon Kay: Simon is o-Kay!

Adrian Foster: Christie's Pleasant Plucker

Hugh Grundy: On The Beaten Tracks

Clem Cattini: Marching to a Different Drummer

Peter Morrison: Pubs and Porsches

Evie Christie: All in the Family



It Was 50 years Ago Today

Kazakhstan Kalling

Diana Discussion

Panoramic Preview

Rock of Ages

My Favourite Things

Turning Japanese pt 1

Turning Japanese pt 2

Turning Japanese pt 3

Turning Japanese pt 4

The Beat Goes On pt 1

The Beat Goes On pt 2

Yapping with Jake

Potting Around

Justin and Judy

The Estonian Adventure

Live on Lothian

From Beethoven to Beats

Writers' Blocks

The Chronicles of Kevin

Bali Highs

Spanish Inquisition

Plastic Passion

Rhythm and Brews

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

The Legacy of Fat Karlsson

The Yellow Monster

Voodoo Chile

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Sex and Plugs and Rock'n'roll

A Good Day

The Cosmic Variety Show

Jeff on US Radio

Russian Masterpiece

Gil Markle's Archive

The Hidden Meaning in Yellow River?

A Moment with Mirabelle

More from Mirabelle!

Outer Limits Tour Program

The ABC of Christie

San Bernardino's Anthem

Christie's Climb to the Top

Who chose the name Christie?

Going Heavy, then Back to Pop

British to the Core

The Changing Face of Christie

Christie Topless!

Christie's Coffin Amplifier!

Mobbed by Housewives!

Playing in the Park

Jeff's Dad to the Rescue!

Christie Album Reviews

The Stories Behind the Songs

Christie's First Appearance

The Blakley Boys!

That Vic Elmes Shirt!

Jeff is FAB

The Christie Fact File

Mark Knopfler's Christie Article

Say Christie, not Creedence!

The Christie Formula

Christie Top Singles Band

The Historie of Christie!

Paul Blakley or Mike Fenton??

How Yellow River was Written

Luck or Fate?

On the Good Ship Venus!

How to be a Disc Jockey

The Singing mayor

Yellow River in Scotland?





Yorkshire Post

Press release

Yorkshire Evening Post

BBC: Adam Pope, Leeds Unplugged

BBC: Lara King

Jewish journals

No Rain On The Parade

The Lorenzo Link

Hit That Perfect Beat

Guess I'm The Only One

A Night In The Life of Christie

Hitmakers Hit Out Against Cancer

On the Shortlist

Face to Face!

The Big Breakthrough

The Italian Job

Local Boy Makes Good


Czech Mates

No Private Plane Yet!

Seventies Jukebox

Fine Finny fans

Ee by gum

Where Were You?

Fabulous 40

Green card, Yellow River

Jeff Christie: Take Me As You Find Me

The Christiellas


That Guy from Australia!

Brian Longley Interviewed

Pally with the Pauls

The Christie People's Party

Yellow River in Platform Boots

The Sounds of Sopot

Jeff's First Big Buy

Christie on the Hit Parade(r)

Christie Members Profiled

The Danish Connection

Stort Halloj Omkring the Christie!

A Calendar of Christie

Back to Basics for Pop

Mike Blakley in Focus

Keeping the Memory Alive

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Working Hard for a Living

Colombian Hair Affair

Christie at the Crossroads

Band on the Run

Out of Africa

The Last Christie Tour

The Stage Sets

Boys will be Boys!!

Look Out, it's Lem

Christie College Tour

South African Program

No Publicity, Big Hit!

Concert Reviews

More Concert Reviews

Origin of the Species

Vic Elmes, Honorary Thunderbird!

The Song for World Peace

A Little Blast of Sunshine

School and Screen

This Magic Moment

Vale Mike Smith

A Revolver Development