i guess i am the only one

I Guess I Am The Only One (L Gabanizza)

The second collaboration of Jeff Christie with long-time Christie fan Lorenzo Gabanizza.
   What also makes this memorable is that it includes previous members of Christie: drummer Paul Fenton and bass guitarist Kevin Moore!
   Other musicians include Rusrty Wright and Chris Lydon, while the single was mixed and mastered by Grammy winners Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone.

Here's a heartfelt note from Lorenzo:

I am excited because a kind of magic has been created here. All the smells, the sounds, the raw material of my childhood, my emotional home, everything is fluctuating through this song with a strong 70's sound.
   In a certain way, this piece has the same ingenuity and the same freshness of those years.
And I thank "big Brother" Paul Fenton, and to Kev Moore, because I don't think you will ever understand to what extent you have embellished this dream of mine, with your presence, your friendship and your professionalism.
   And of course I thank you Jeff, for this further proof of greatness. You were there, at the very beginning, when my dreams bounced from one street to another in my beloved city; you were there and you accompanied me in the long years in which a boy chisels his own spirit to become a man.
   And you are there now - and among the things I cherish you will always be. Your music, I am sure, will slide slowly in my head like a swan on the lake at sunset, the moment I leave this world.
   So thank you Jeff, for everything and because this is how I will always see you, as in the photo, surrounded by stars.

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