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Once upon a time there was a boy, born at the end of the 1960s, who as a child listened to
Christie, the British band which reached global success with Yellow River.
   Well, that same boy (located in Verona, but who lived in Brescia for a long time) is a brother of Max Gabanizza, who's been playing bass in our region for years now and with excellent results.
   Lorenzo has never stopped drawing inspiration from Christie, and in particular from the leader
Jeff Christie.
   "I started out as a drummer, in the early 80's, and I continued to listen to Christie,
even though they broke up in 1976," he said.
   The recent contact between Lorenzo and Jeff has its origins from a painful event for the Italian musician, the disappearance of his mother.
   "I imagined writing one song for her, and I tried to reach out to Jeff, because the best way to pay homage to her was to have him involved on the project," he said.
   "I have found in Jeff understanding and humanity, to the point that Jeff himself then has involved a handful of artists with whom I would never imagined to play with."
   The first fruit of this unusual synergy was the single "You're Not There", a timeless rock ballad which has obtained excellent results abroad (reaching the first position on iTunes in South Africa).
Soon, on July 10, the second effort will be released, still composed by Lorenzo, with the charismatic presence of Jeff Christie.
   "I Guess I Am The Only One" has been recorded between Italy, Great Britain and the USA.
   "It is a song focused on the way in which today's society ostraciSes who is not aligned, who is considered different," Lorenzo said.
   He hopes, sooner or later, for a European live tour for the project, and maybe "the packaging of an album", although for now prefers releasing singles, because "this is what the market wants".
   Certainly, the new work can count on further star guests: apart from musicians of the calibre of Rusty Wright, Charles Lydon, Paul Fenton and Kev Moore, it 's mixed and mastered by Greg Calbi (winner of various Grammys) and Steve Fallone (a Grammy for Lady Gaga's latest album).