fools gold/born to lose/california sunshine
Fools Gold Germany
Fools Gold Asia
Fools Gold Portugal
Fools Gold Holland

Fools Gold (J Christie)

The follow-up to Iron Horse disappoints slightly. A catchy enough tune, but nowhere near the strength of its predecessor or Everything's Gonna Be Alright, although it displays an interesting arrangement as Jeff laces the song with a neat sitar-like guitar sound. That being said, the single was voted a hit by previewers in the UK. Recorded along with this single were a batch of other songs destined for Christie's third album.

Born to Lose (V Elmes)

Vic remembers this single as being the last recorded by the group before the split. If that's the case, Vic certainly leaves with a bang, blasting into a full-blown rocker here, along the lines of Here I Am. It is Vic's first attempt at such a fast-tempoed piece.

California Sunshine (L Lubin)

This is new member Lem Lubin's number as he gets a chance to show off his singing and songwriting prowess. The song was previewed in the studio and the band, on a whim, decided to record it. Released as a flipside to Fools Gold only in Germany, it is a folksy tune complete with a banjo, played by Jeff, taking prominence. Lem handles the lead vocals and sounds a lot like Mike Nesmith. Without a twangy guitar at the fore, this song is a lot different to the usual Christie fare. The song also backed the South America-only release of Jo Jo's Band.


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