los mas grandes exitos

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(LP, 1972)

1. Jo Jo's Band (V Elmes)
2. San Bernadino (J Christie)
3. Fools Gold (J Christie)
4. Man of Many Faces (J Christie)
5. Picture Painter (J Christie)
6. Yellow River (J Christie)
7. Iron Horse (J Christie)
8. Coming Home Tonight (J Christie)
9. Peace Lovin' Man (J Christie)
10. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (J Christie)
11. Country B Sam (V Elmes)
12. If Only (J Christie)


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Christie Los Mas front

The literal translation of Los Mas Grandes Exitos is "Greatest Hits". This nice compilation was released only in South America.
   It contains all the singles up to Fools Gold and other noteworthy album tracks, and kicks off with Christie's big South American hit, Jo Jo's Band, wrongly credited on the sleeve notes as being a Jeff Christie composition.
   The song selection is superb - although perhaps Country Sam and Coming Home Tonight could have been replaced by Inside Looking Out and Down The Mississippi Line. Nevertheless, this is truly a Greatest Hits collection worthy of the name.