everything's gonna be alright
This song was released on a number of formats: as part of a Maxi-EP including Freewheelin' Man and Magic Highway, and as a single with either Freewheelin' Man, Inside Looking Out or Iron Horse on the flipside, depending on the country.
Everything's Maxi-single
Everything's Portugal
Everything's Sweden
Everything's Angola front
Everything's Germany front
Everything's Germany back
Everything's Asia front
Everything's Asia back
Everything's Angola back

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (J Christie)

This is the Christie tour de force. It has a magnificent melody, a rocking, driving beat, inspirational lyrics about never giving up, and terrific bass work by Jeff. Throw in Vic's sensational introductory riff, and you have the quintessential Christie song - one that should have been a hit several times over.

Freewheelin' Man (J Christie)

Jeff must have been in an inspired mood - this song demonstrates once again his ability to come up with ear-pleasing melodies. This gentle country-pop song about an easy-going man employs yet another original tune that could easily pass for an A-side by itself. The only disappointing aspect is that the production on this particular track is poor, making the song sound muffled.

Magic Highway (V Elmes)

This is a solid Vic Elmes hard rock song that shows off Vic's guitar and vocal talents to the fore. Paul Fenton complements the song well with some innovative drumming. This 5:39 minute piece was the only one of Christie's hard-rock efforts to be released on a single, and it also kicks off the group's second album. It uses the traditional "heavy sound" structure of a lengthy instrumental bridge in between the vocal verses, and provided a nice balance to the commercial offerings on the other side of the vinyl. Vic explains the song's meaning here.

Inside Looking Out (J Christie)

See album review. This song had been a candidate for Christie's second single. It appeared as the flipside to Everything .. in some European countries.

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