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Extended Plays (EPs)

It is not known how many different Christie EPs were issued around the world. Each EP usually contained four songs, and the list of songs featured varied from country to country. Shown below are some examples from around the globe. If you have any pictures and information on EPs that you can add to this site, please send them here.


SE Asia EP cover
SE Asia  Ep back
SE Asia label
SE Asia label

Track list

SE Asia

This is the companion EP to the rare SE Asian-only release of the Peace Lovin' Man single. The two extra songs here are For All Mankind and Magic Highway. The version of Magic Highway here has been but cut back to 3:06 (the album version is 5:39), making it the shortest song on this set.

French CD cover

French CD


This is a CD version of an EP, consisting of the four songs from Christie's first two singles. But it's the album version of Down The Mississippi Line that's included, not the original cut that was used for the single.

Mex EP cover
Mex EP back


A great cover adorns this EP, spearheaded by San Bernadino and also featuring I've Got a Feeling, Country Boy and New York City.

Jap EP cover
Jap EP back

Jap EP lyrics sheet


This Japanese EP contained the two big hits plus New York City and Inside Looking Out. It also included a lyrics sheet for all the songs, a rarity for a Christie release.

Navajo cover
Navajo back

Navajo listing


A colourful sleeve and an eclectic selection of songs are the features of the last known Christie EP. Included are songs from the earliest to the latest stages of Christie's career: Navajo, The Dealer, Inside Looking Out, and Alabama.

Mexico EP front
Mexico EP listing


This 1972 Mexican EP contains Iron Horse, Coming Home Tonight, Every Now and Then, and Here I Am.

Singapore EP front
Singapore EP back


New York City gets top billing on this EP, which includes the other two big hits plus Down The Mississippi Line.

Bolivia EP front
Bolivia EP back


Christie's two big hits are featured along with I've Got A Feeling and Inside Looking Out.

Brazil EP front
Brazil EP back


Another interesting selection: this time I've Got a Feeling is chosen to accompany San Bernadino, Inside Looking Out, and Coming Home Tonight.

Australia EP front
Australia EP back


Down under, the three ubiquitous Christie songs are followed up by Country Boy.

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