christie at the bbc

(in order of appearance)

(Jeff, Vic and Mike)
1.May 13, 1970: Interview (Jeff, Vic and Mike)
2. May 13, 1970: Yellow River live
3. June 1, 1970: Inside Looking Out live
4. June 1, 1970: Yellow River live
5. July 15, 1970: Interview (Jeff)
6. July 15, 1970: San Bernadino live
7. July 15, 1970: Down The Mississippi Line live
8. September 14, 1970: San Bernadino live
9. September 14, 1970: New York City live
(Jeff, Vic and Paul)
10. February 25, 1971: Peace Loving Man (record)
11. February 25, 1971: Picture Painter (record)
12. February 25, 1971: Man of Many Faces
13. July 30, 1971: Country Sam (record)
14. July 30, 1971: Everything's Gonna Be Alright live
15. July 30, 1971: Freewheelin' Man live
(Jeff, Vic, Paul and Lem)
16. April 1,1972: Iron Horse (record)
17. April 1, 1972: One Way Ticket live
18. April 1, 1972: Rock and Roll Woman live
19. April 1, 1972: Funny Things live
20. July, 1973: The Dealer (record)



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CHRISTIE were prolific performers on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) shows in the 70s, right from the time Yellow River topped the charts. The band regularly appeared on Top Of The Pops (TV and radio), and all of the recordings have been kept on tape by the broadcasting agency.
    Over the years, collectors have been able to listen to these recordings if they were lucky enough to find BBC transcription service discs that were distributed to radio stations throughout the world. Each disc contained recordings of individual episodes of shows, but since there were thousands of programs made, finding particular songs is very difficult.


    Whenever Christie was featured on radio,the songs would either be performed live, or the band's actual single would be played instead.
    The compere was always the veteran presenter Brian Matthew, who would not only introduce the songs but also interview the Christie band members.
    The BBC shows captured for posterity many songs performed by Christie that have never been recorded elsewhere: for example One Way Ticket, Rock and Roll Woman, and Funny Things. The Stephen Stills-authored Rock and Roll Woman was an often-played song in the band's live shows, while Funny Things, originally released by a band named the Redcaps, was covered often by the Outer Limits.
    Other highlights of the recordings include live performances of Inside Looking Out, Everything's Gonna Be Alright and Freewheelin' Man, as well as the two big hits.
    Christie band members who played in the BBC studios were Jeff, Vic, Mike, Paul, and Lem. All three original members were also interviewed by Brian during Christie's first appearance on Top of the Pops.

Here's how you can win a copy of these recordings.