for all mankind

For All Mankind (Christie)
(Digital download)

JEFF Christie always intended for a brass band to accompany his song For All Mankind, when it first appeared on the album of the same name in 1971. But CBS did not approve of paying for such extravagance, and as such the song was recorded without any sort of big panoramic musical vista to it. Jeff improvised with a harmonium and the end result was nevertheless beautiful.
    But 43 years later, Jeff had the opportunity to record the song with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band, a musical ensemble which itself had some chart success in the UK. You can listen to the song the way it was meant to sound by buying it as a download on various digital platforms.
    As Jeff himself said: “I've got it about as close as I originally conceived it by bringing in the brass to give it that rich chording; the blend of the brass with the Hammond organ, the guitar work. I still have visions of sending it to people like Rod Stewart, as for me the song is king. It doesn't matter who sings it, I've just always wanted to get this song out there.”