yellow river reviewed

One of the rare singles which received rave reviews from every paper when it was released in 1970.

Yellow River

jefflynneMelody Maker:
Stand by for a sizeable hit!

New Musical Express:
With the right breaks, this could happen!

Disc and Music Echo:
Bet you'll be whistling it in a few days.

Record Mirror:
Outsider with chances, full of appeal!

Music No 1:
If this gets the airplays, it will be very successful.

Music Business Weekly:
Whole thing moves nicley, like to see it do well.

Daily Mirror:
Chart-bound challenger.

Hereford Evening News:
One of the most enjoyable discs of the week!
The song is very fast paced, and VERY, VERY addictive. Be warned people, once you listen to this song, getting it out of your head is next to impossible. The song starts off with a bass guitar rift, which then turns into a tri-instrumental interlude (Which is the bass rhythm of the song), and fades into the background as Jeff Christie takes over the vocals (00:07).
   The feel of the song is really upbeat, and it puts a warm smile on one’s face. Before you know it, the first chorus begins at 00:37. The chorus is the most addictive part of the song. You just CAN’T get it off your head!
   The way the vocals and the rhythm change makes the chorus irresistible. There is hardly a gap between the chorus and the second stanza (2 seconds, to be precise!), so en garde! The chorus starts again (the gap between the two choruses seems like 10 seconds, bu it’s actually 30 seconds.    This is what happens when a song is fast paced – you completely lose track of time.
   We have a straight on winner here! A hands-down 10/10 for this must-listen-to, guys!

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