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(J Christie)

1st verse
You think I've got it made,
My clothes are tailor-made
And everything I touch is mine
You think I'm number one
Having so much fun
But you don't read between the lines
No oh, oh you don't know

2nd verse
You know I'm just a man, Doing what I can
I'm just trying to survive
But something's lost and gained
Living every day
You gotta fight to stay alive
Ooohhh, isn't it so

I'm turning to stone
On the outside everything's fine
I'm turning to stone
Feeling so cold deep in my soul
Turning to stone

3rd verse
You think I'm safe and sound
Both feet on the ground
And I can open any door
That I don't make mistakes
And I get all the breaks
The sun and moon are mine and more
Ooohhh, I'm so insecure

4th verse
Well you should realise
A fool is never wise
So just ignore the pain inside
Don't try to understand
Just give the man a hand
He's only following the signs
Oohhh, standing in line yeah


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