The Magic Highway


An article which appeared in the Singaporean paper, The Straits Times, in April 1971, during Christie's tour of Singapore.

ClippingBy Nellie Har

POP star Jeff Christie today spoke up for Brahms, Bach and Beethoven with due regrets.
    Jeff, who wears his hair at shoulder length, arrived here this morning with Vic Elmes and Paul Fenton, the two other members of his group, together called just Christie.
    Speaking of his musical career at the airport, Jeff recalled his having given up “classical music for Elvis Presley”.
    “Elvis was the rave during my teen years. Like every other boy I fell for his music so much. I gave up learning classical piano and took up the guitar instead,” he said.
    He had begun piano practices at the age of five, and had been playing the classical piano till after the age of 10.
    “I regret not having taken up serious music further, before going on to the guitar,” he said.
Jeff in Singapore    But although Jeff likes classical music, he “can't stand chamber music”.
    And jazz? “I can take jazz only in small doses. Jazz is too busy for me. I like music that hits straightaway, hits straight to the heart.
    “Music is meant to entertain. If you have to concentrate hard on the music to appreciate it, it's no good.”
    Another thing Jeff doesn't likie is people who “put labels on music”.
    Jeff says Christie play the kind of music they like, and they didn't like people labelling it as semi-rock, hard rock, or …
    Jeff calls these people “pseduo-intellectuals”.
    Jeff took up pop music professionally at the age of 18. Now 26, he is glad to have produced one big hit recording, Yellow River, which he wrote two years ago.
    But Christie are not swept off their feet by the giddy success of Yellow River, which skyrocketed them to fame.
    “Fame is 80 per cent hard slog, 20 per cent glamour. And it is not easy to win success as soul musicians .. there are so many of them around.,” Jeff said.
    Christie have just completd a new album called For All Mankind.
    They perform for one night only at the National Theatre tonight.