The Magic Highway


An Interview with Stan Drogie
(Drummer with The Outer Limits)

Stan DrogieQ) Why did you choose to play the drums?

A) I found I had a natural gift to play the drums without any tuition.

Q) Tell us about the early days of The Outer Limits.

A) I first met Jeff Christie at a youth club called The Judean on Street Lane in Moortown, Leeds. It was tough going for many years.
  My fondest memory was the Hendrix tour. Especially the first night at the Royal Albert Hall. Not many people get to play at a venue like that.
  My favourite Outer Limits songs were Just One More Chance, Great Train Robbery and Sweet Freedom.

Q) How did the band split up? What did you do after leaving the band?

A) I left the group to get married. My wife Sue was a hairdresser when I met her, so we bought a hairdressers in Leeds, which we had for 10 years. We then went into property developing.
  I finally met Jeff Christie and Gerry Layton again in March, 2008.

Q) The Outer Limits used to play all those hard-edged, progressive sounds of Jeff's. Were you surprised when he achieved fame by writing far more commercial songs?

A) I was not surprised as Jeff had a good team behind him, i.e. his parents, to push things in the right direction.

Q) Did you have any regrets about the band splitting up? Maybe if it stayed together, they would have recorded Yellow River.

A) I had no regrets at the time, but as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I've been married for 40 years to a wonderful wife and have a son, Daniel, which nothing can surpass.