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(J Christie)

1st verse
Let's all drink to a toast
To ourselves and to our host
And let's see who deserves the medals most
Let's not be ungenerous
And let's make sure that some of us
Fulfill the dreams and wishes we desire
Let us be upstanding, and never too demanding
Let us not deceive or be deceived

Saints and sinners
Oh lord forgive us
The games that we all have to play
Forgive us our trespasses
And those of us with press passes
And those who simply go astray

2nd verse
So those who sit in judgement
In high and lofty places
Are not always the innocents they seem
No man is an island
There are some who deal in lies and
There will always be temptation at the door
Let us be outspoken when promises are broken
Let us not deny or be denied, so oh woh oh


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