(J Christie)

Run for cover, run for cover ..
You know you really should be thankful
For all the things I’ve done for you
But everytime I call you up
You tell me you’ve got things to do

You better stop making excuses
To keep avoiding me is useless
So now you better be good or else
Run for cover

You know that I’m a patient man
You take advantage now and then
You’re making people talk about me
And that is sure to make me mad

So pin your ears back then and listen
And understand my proposition
That if I catch you playing games
Run for cover

We never really understood each other
Don't you think I tried to keep my temper
Everytime you lied to me, remember
And now I’m tired of being nice
Run for cover

You don’t believe that I’m sincere
You don’t believe a word I say
You think you’ve got me where you want me
Well let me tell you once again

That if you just believe I'm bluffing
you better hide when I come running
Then let me give you some advice
Run for cover

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