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(Fanfare Magazine, May 1971)


CHRISTIE took Singapore with as much gusto as they could muster up after a long tour of Australasia, fanning exhausted embers into a roaring flame.
   The shows were enjoyable, although many would have preferred less of the group's heavy sound and a lot more of the beaty, commercial stuff.
   Certainly, the crowd saw Christie in a new light. They came for Yellow River and songs of that ilk, but got an onslaught of heavy music. Be that as it may, Jeff Christie's Martian King was a standout. Paul Fenton drummed up a storm, and the Elmes/Christie guitarwork was good. Picture Painter and My Baby's Gone had the toes tapping, but more of the same also had the toes fidgeting.
   Before the group can come to it, scores of kids from the audience start chorusing the first few lines of Yellow River. Christie rush through the big hit, followed by San Bernadino and Man of Many Faces, all to great approval from the crowd. Some were disappointed that New York City was not played.
    A reprise of Yellow River closes the show, pleasing the fans who had obviously come to hear songs like this. But you got the feeling they didn't seem very patient with what else Christie had to offer.


(By Ray Chan, 2001)

Jeff 1990s Jeff 1990s

CATCH a show by Jeff's current Christie line-up, and you know one thing for sure .. you're guaranteed of a good time, as the band romps through a selection of listener-friendly, country-rock favourites.
   For the Christie purist, the repertoire may come as a bit of a disappointment, as Jeff laces it with covers of other artists' hits .. and indeed, the true moments to savour are when the band delves into Jeff's archive and plays the old Christie numbers.
   The Christie "musts" of any performance are always given a run: Yellow River, San Bernadino and Iron Horse. But depending on Jeff's mood, you're also likely to hear Down the Mississippi Line, Country Boy, Fool's Gold, and others from the glory years.
   Jeff has often been asked why he doesn't produce a show entirely of the old Christie numbers. But he answers wisely that people come to watch the band to enjoy themselves, and as such he prefers playing songs that they will recognise, rather than pieces that only Christie diehard followers will know. It was a philosophy that the band adopted even when Christie were at their prime, when they made it a point to include numbers by artists such as Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buffalo Springfield.
   ticketBe that as it may, some cover versions have become staple features of Jeff's shows for the past decade or so. These include outstanding interpretations of The Byrds' Feel a Whole Lot Better, Carole King's City Streets, and a medley of Summertime Blues/Money. Jeff also sprinkles his shows with songs by Creedence, The Traveling Wilburys, The Beatles, The Eagles and other singers whose songs comfortably fit the Christie pop/rock sound.
   Jeff's current line-up is blessed with two other members who can also handle the lead vocals .. drummer Simon Kay and guitarist Kevin Moore .. thus affording the band a luxury the original Christie line-up did not have. As such, Simon and Kevin are also often featured prominently on various songs in the current repertoire, enabling Jeff to rest his vocal chords during the set. Indeed, on the afore-mentioned City Streets, all three singers handle the lead vocals on separate parts of the song, combining in harmony for the final stanza, an arrangement that works to maximum effect.


(By Rainer Frank, 2003)

Christie at Oldenburg

JEFF Christie and his band performed at Oldenburg in Germany on February 22, 2003, as part of an Oldies Night show. Each participating artist performed for about 40 minutes.
   Christie played a very good gig and the crowd went wild.
   The first song was Down the Mississippi Line, followed by San Bernadino. Later came Iron Horse.
   After that the other members of the group showed us their skills.
   Adrian Foster showed what a fantastic guitar player he is, playing the instrumental The Sabre Dance.
   Then came drummer Simon Kay's time with his version of I Hear You Knocking, and bass player Kevin Moore did a great job of All Right Now, the old Free hit.
   As always, Yellow River was the highlight of the show.
   The crowd danced during the whole concert. Christie received enormous applause from the Oldenburg audience.


(By Rainer Frank, 2009)


ON June, 6 two friends from Bavaria (Tonie and Franz) and I visited the Oldienight in Schwarzenberg to watch Christie in concert.
   It was raining cats and dogs and we wore orange raincoats.
   Nearly 11,000 people waited for Oldiestars like Showwaddywaddy, Middle of the Road, Spencer Davis and of course Christie.
   Then came the moment we waited for and why we drove seven hours for. Suddenly the rain stopped, and Christie were on stage.
   Bassist Kevin Moore saw us and he and the others waved to us, while Kev shot a picture from the stage.
   Then Christie`s show started with a surprise: Inside Looking Out, from their first album.
   I have visited several Christie shows in the past few years, but this was the first time for me to hear this fantastic song live.
   For Franz and Toni, it was the first Christie show ever for them and they liked it a lot.
   After Inside Looking Out came the next surprise, I Gotta Be Free, also from the first album.
It was so wonderful to listen to this song ,too.
   Then Jeff, Adrian Foster, Kev and Simon Kaye played their big hits San Bernadino and of course Yellow River.
   The crowd was going mad and Christie got enormous applause from the Schwarzenberg audience.
   Then came Simon`s big time, singing the old Dave Edmunds hit I Hear You Knocking.
   The next songs were Aint That a Shame and Let`s work Together.
   The audience liked Christie`s show a lot and several people shouted EnCore, Encore, but the follow-up artists were already waiting backstage so Christie had to come off.
   Later we met Christie backstage and in their hotel and we spent a great time with them.

from stage

What it looks like from the band's view: Kevin takes a photo of Rainer, Tonie and Franze.


Franze, Tonie and Rainer chat with Jeff and Simon backstage.


Kevin, Simon, Rainer, Adrian, Tonie and Jeff catch up back at the hotel.