The Magic Highway


Christie were the first band in the UK to embark on an extensive college tour. It had been organised by manager Brian Longley to promote Iron Horse, as well as other acts in his stable. This item below is reprinted from a press kit announcing the tour.


Press kitCHRISTIE release their latest single Iron Horse on Friday, January 14, on CBS.
     Another Jeff Christie original, Iron Horse has all the ingredients to become another worldwide smash.
     To coincide with the new record, the group commence a two-month long college tour in February and March, headlining a package including Edison Lighthouse and Worth, playing major colleges throughout Great Britain. Each group will be playing one hour in the three-hour show.
     Last month the group, which has been a three-piece since its inception two years ago, added a fourth member, Lem Lubin, who plays bass guitar - allowing Jeff, who formerly played bass, to concentrate on guitar and electric piano. The group is completed by lead guitarist Vic Elmes and drummer Paul Fenton.
     This talented group have toured more than 25 countries and sold over ten million records, establishing themselves as one of the world's most popular groups.
    All of Christie's material is written by Jeff (who wrote Yellow River, San Bernadino, Man of Many Faces, etc) and Vic, who has written some of the tracks on the group's two albums.
    Sales of Yellow River currently exceed four million and it is still selling. San Bernadino continued the success story and world sales of that single have now topped 2.5 million. Man of Many Faces made the charts in many countries and the group's first album also made the charts in more than a dozen countries, including the USA, Germany and South America.
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