The Magic Highway


An Interview with Peter Morrison
(Extracts from a series of chats conducted by Ray Chan)

Peter MorrisonIn 1982, Vic and Mike played Germany as Christie, performing with a few other well-known bands on a revival tour. Jeff was invited but declined to participate. A musician named Peter Morrison was recruited instead.

1) The German tour

The year was 1982 as I remember. Alan Blakley from The Tremeloes was a dear friend of mine (bless his soul). He asked me if I fancied doing a tour of Germany as a guitarist with Christie along with Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, The Tremeloes and The Swinging Blue Jeans. It seemed like a good idea and Vic Elmes came over from Germany to meet me and we rehearsed for the tour. Mike Blakley was on drums and the bass player was a 21yr old lad called Mick Wilson.
  We rehearsed and went on tour in November, 1982. It was the coldest winter ever in Germany. We did a lot of drinking on that tour because it was so cold! We stayed in Hamburg just off the Reepebahn. Christie did a week in Hanover and a week in Berlin after the initial tour. The band also stayed at Vic Elmes' house near Bielefeld.

2) The songs they sang

Vic wrote two songs and we recorded them in Eddie Hardin's studio (from Spencer Davis/Hardin and York fame) in Sunningdale, Berks. I remember the A-side was called Deep In The Night. We sang the three big Christie hits, Yellow River, San Bernadino and Iron Horse. The rest of the set included Deep In The Night and its B-side, which was another fine song written by Vic, but I can't remember the title. We did some Creedence and I sang some JJ Cale songs. Mick Wilson also sang some songs.


Mick (left), Mike, Peter and Vic.

3) Meeting Jeff Christie

Jeff had been invited on the German tour but didn't take part. However, I met Jeff back in 1967-68 when I was with a Leeds band, and we did a gig with Jeff's Outer Limits, at Leeds Polytechnic. It was just a typical Uni gig, no great shakes. I don't even think Jeff remembers me.

4) Hey Peter, is that your Porsche in the photo above?

Do you mean the 911 Porsche Sportmatic — no way. Mine's the red Ferrari Dino Special parked behind the photographer.