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A question often asked of Jeff is whether The Outer Limits released any other singles after the group split up. In particular, the singles shown above have popped up on the market from time to time, with mystery shrouding the identity of the singer(s). Some music compendiums have even taken it upon themselves to proclaim that these singles were released by Jeff's band.
  Quite simply, this is not the same group. After Jeff's group disbanded, the name was usurped by another outfit, which subsequently released the singles above.
  Jeff outlines: "This is not my Outer Limits. We disbanded after the Hendrix tour at the end of 1967 or early 68 and then I played in the house band at the Lido Revue bar in Leeds, where Paul Fenton was to come and play the following year, and stayed there until I met Brian Longley in November 1969 when Yellow River started causing a stir. All this time I was 'on the scene' in Leeds and the rest of the Outer Limits were doing different stuff. I would certainly have known if they had resurrected something and somehow put a record out. Without me writing the songs I don't know where they would have got material from. It's highly possible that someone else used the name, wittingly or not, after 1970 when I had left Leeds and was distracted by world touring."


Before The Outer Limits, there were The Tremmers: (clockwise from top left) Stan Drogie, Gerry Layton, Paul Cardus, Jeff Christie, with lead vocalist Gary Steele (centre)



Historic: the Tremmers on stage. Paul (left), Stan, Gary, Gerry and Jeff.

A very early photo of the Tremmers.

Outer Limits signed poster

The Outer Limits line-up which put out three singles: Jeff (left), Gerry Layton, Stan and Gerry Smith.

Outer Limits

Outer Limits

Pop posterDear fan club member
  I am sure you will be pleased to hear that the Outer Limits have signed a contract to join the package concert tour featuring Jimi Hendrix, Move, Pink Floyd and the Amen Corner, also DJ Pete Drummond as compere.
  The promotion is by Harold Davison and Tito Burns, who are now the Outer Limits' sole agents.
  The New Musical Express has a full half page advert of the tour and needless to say, it was good publicity for the boys.
  The tour opens at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on November 14.

Thea and Denise, fan club secretaries

Excerpts from an Outer Limits fan newsletter outlining the tour with Jimi Hendrix. Thea is still a good friend of Jeff's today. See more advertisements here.