The Magic Highway


Christie's college tour proved a success. This article from New Musical Express.


By Julie Webb

POP, the pundits would say, is back.
    But it's really never been away … it just hasn't found its right outlet in recent years. Now the outlet has been found, amazingly through colleges as well as concert halls, as the pop package featuring Christie, Edison Lighthouse and Worth has proved.
    The reaction to the tour has surprised everyone.
    The thought of students actually bopping and hokey cokeying may norify you .. but it's happening.
Colleges have been sufficiently impressed to rebook these acts, and promoters in Germany and France are keen in taking the whole road show to their countries.
    At one gig in Harlow, near London, fans crowded the stage at first, and ended up screaming. At Ramsgate, Kent, an thusiastic lady leapt on stage and nearly knocked Christie's bass guitarist (Lem Lubin) flying.
    And I doubt the Channel Islands will ever forget the two days they were invaded by the road show.     Christie and Co's day in Jersey included a show for Channel TV and a town centre gig in the evening.
    Channel devoted the whole of their teatime magazine show to the bands. The program went out live and was seen in Germany, Jersey and France.
    Christie might have been in dead trouble had this tour not taken off.
    They had a number 1 record, did a few disastrously under-rehearsed gigs in Britain, went abroad, and through trial and error improved.
    Eighteeen months ago they went for a heavy sound on stage, with San Bernadino and Yellow River the only concession to the sound they were known for. They were neither one thing nor another.
    From Christie's original line-up there have been two changes: drummer Paul Fenton joined a few months after their inception and did much with his gutsy playing to improve the overall sound, and recently bass player Lem Lubin joined, enabling Jeff Christie to use lead guitar and electric piano.
    They have rethought their whole musical policy and are gutsy and funky as well as commercial. They can include their earlier hits without them sticking out like a sore thumb.
    And finally, praise for a young lady named Leonie. She is the real hard-core fan who has probably seen more of the pop package tour than the manager.
    For wasn't it Leonie who came to see them not only at Harlow, Rumsgate and Cardiff, but also at Guernsey and Jersey.
    As their manager said: "A few thousand more like her and we'd be laughing."

Members of Christie, Edison Lighthouse and Worth on the way to Guernsey and Jersey.