The Magic Highway


Here's a loosely-translated article on Christie during their very early days, featured in the German Musikexpress magazine.


JEFF Christie still cannot get used to it.
   The sudden interest of the world's music press in his group makes him a bit self-conscious. The single Yellow River is now on the way getting a big hit.
   During the day Jeff holds animated talks with manager Brian Longley, while the evenings are reserved for the many concerts.
   The three members are working very hard on their first album.
   One of the compositions (New York City) was written by Vic Elmes (lead guitar) and Mike Blakley (drums). All other numbers are written by Jeff himself.
   The record is going to be out this month.
   "At the moment there is no need to release a new single," Jeff said.
   "We can live for a while from our success of Yellow River and also not all the royalties have arrived yet. That is why I have to wait to buy my own private plane!"
   Jeff still lives in the house of his manager, but he hopes soon to move into a dwelling in a new housing development.
   Because of the busy schedule, Jeff couldn´t even visit his birthplace, Leeds, for months.
   Vic and Mike, two born-and-bred Londoners, still live at their parents´ houses.
   Jeff´s job also has drawbacks.
   "It is exciting indeed, to be adored from pop- enthusiasts and fans, but when you constantly go the bed late at night it is very exhausting," he said.
   But the roses which they receive as a gift after the performance makes it all up.
   The enthusiasm of Christie is helping them to overcome little barriers such as this.