(J Christie)

1st verse
Who do you think you are, babe
Some kind of superstar maybe
Well that don't cut no ice with me
And you don't have to pretend to me

2nd verse
Just cast your mind back to the days
And get-rich-quick plans that we made
And if your memory serves you well
Something inside might ring a bell

Mr Big Shot, rags to riches
Story of a self-made man
Mr Big Shot, fame and fortune
Make the most of it while you can
Time to cast away
Friends of yesterday
Look the other way
Turn your back and say
So long, so long

3rd verse
So now you drive a big Rolls Royce
You even talk in a louder voice
I'm older now, a little wiser too
Wish I could say the same for you

4th verse
Maybe you don't recall my face
Another time, another place
But in the meantime it's alright
I wonder how you sleep at night


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