(J Christie)

1st verse
Some of us were born to live
And some were born to die
Some of us were meant to laugh
And some were meant to cry
Some men spend a lonely life
I'm dying just to live
Some men spend a lifetime
Never knowing how to give
Ooh, I'm not one of them

2nd verse
Some men follow the queen of diamonds
Some the queen of spades
Some men spin the roulette tables
Till their dying days
Well I don't put much faith in gambling
Never found the time
And some men pray for a miracle
Then will the sun to shine
I'm not one of them

I told you once before
I'm a man of many moods
And I ask you not to judge me
Till you walk a mile in my shoes
I can't help the way
I feel the things I say and do
And I hope you will forgive me
For not running from the truth
I'm a melancholy man
I'm a melancholy man

3rd verse
Blood is spilled in anger
And the lessons never learnt
The aftermath of agony
Has now caused more concern
Well some of us are satisfied
With what's laid at our table
And some of us are sheltering
Behind a twisted fable
I'm not one of them


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