(J Christie)

1st verse
Well, I'm sinking down in the quicksand
Well, I'm groping 'round like a blind man
And there ain't nothing I can do
Till I get a message through
From my baby so far away

2nd verse
Just like a drowning man lost at sea
Just like a fallen branch from a tree
Just like Little Jack Horner
Sitting down in the corner
Such a pitiful sight to see

Well now mailman,
I'm only waiting for the mailman, yeh
I've been waiting such a long time
For just a letter or a few lines
Well now mailman,
I'm just-a waiting for the mailman, yeh
I've been waiting for my sunshine
Every day I walk the floor
And i worry more and more

3rd verse
Well there must be an explanation
And a reason why I'm still waiting
But there's really no excuse
and I really got the blues
What's the cause of this delay?

4th verse
Well I'm sitting here reminiscing
About the woman that I've been missing
And the days are slipping by
And I can't help wondering why
There's just no reply from you


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