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(LP, Japan, China)

The Japanese and Chinese (Taiwan) produced their own versions of the Christie records. Most of the albums and singles came wrapped in cellophane, and sometimes other extras were included, such as lyrics sheets and loose-leaf picture sheets of the artists.
   Pictured here are a Taiwanese version of Christie's first album and the label on the record, and a Japanese "New Gold Disc" version that came in a gold sheen on the cover.
   The Taiwanese album track listing is the same as the US album: it omits two tracks from the "common" version, Here I Am and Until The Dawn.

Japan notes

   Interestingly, the back of the Japanese album sleeve is filled with copious notes on the band and also for each individual song, unlike the respective albums from various other countries. The text also mentions Paul Fenton, which sleeves printed in other languages did not.
   Here's what the Japanese words loosely translate into, and remember the Japanese have a wonderful way of describing things:

>    The band Christie began with three players: Jeff Christie, Vic Elmes and Mike Blakley.
   Jeff had been in a band called the Outer Limits when it split up in 1969. He then started songwriting and sent a demo tape of 130 songs to Brian Longley, who persuaded Jeff that he should sing his own songs.
   Jeff had wanted to concentrate on writing, but found the lure of being in a band once again too attractive to turn down.
   Brian asked Vic Elmes and Mike Blakley to join, both of whom had been together with Acid Gallery and the Epics.
   The Tremeloes were asked to do the song originally, but in the end they only provided the backing on Yellow River, which became Jeff's debut hit. All the other songs on this album were recorded by the band members themselves.
   Soon after this album was recorded, Mike left the group, and was replaced by Paul Fenton.    <

Yellow River: The up-tempo song that was a huge hit in Japan and No 1 in the UK charts.

I Gotta Be Free: There is a pleasant soft touch to this tune and there are some parts which sound awkward but nice.

I've Got A Feeling: This is not the same song as on the Beatles' Let It Be. It is a different piece, more bluesey and very different to Yellow River, with good piano accompaniment.

New York City: The only piece on the album not written by Jeff Christie, this has an uptempo, bubblegum sound to it. Written by Vic Elmes and Mike Blakley.

Inside Looking Out: There are country and western elements here, with pleasant guitar work.

Put Your Money Down: Sounds good, sounds wild, reminiscent of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Down the Mississippi Line: This was on the B-side to Yellow River. It has a southern USA flavour.

San Bernadino: This is the follow-up to Yellow River, a new big hit sound at the moment. Everyone will like the straight and simple style with good chorus line.

Country Boy: This has the sounds of the golden days with simple, bluesy feeling and nice piano and guitar work.

Johnny One Time: Medium tempo and wild taste! There are some soft aspects of the chorus which balance the rockier parts of the song.

Coming Home Tonight: A different atmosphere to this song. The piano is impressive.

Here I Am: The B-side to San Bernadino, and harks back to the 1950s and the sounds of Little Richard and Chuck Berry. You will understand when you listen to Jeff's shouting vocals and the rolling piano.

Until The Dawn: Completely different to all the other songs, this is a ballad with a beautiful melody, making use of simple beats and lovely chorus.


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