(J Christie)

1st verse
When you were small, life was like a wonderland
Nothing is real and you think you understand
The sky is blue and the grass is always green
There's black and white and there's nothing in between

2nd verse
Some people say that religion is the way
And peace of mind guaranteed you every day
When growing up wasn't as easy as it seemed
Reality is disfiguring in your dreams
Hide in your shell till it's safe to show your face
Don't let them see you got egg upon your face
The dealer deals and the wheel begins to spin The winners lose and the losers win

Life on Earth (life on earth)
Life on Earth (life on earth)
Life on Earth (life on earth)
Life on Earth

3rd verse
Through misty eyes, adolescence was a game
You found it hard just remembering your name
They never said you would have to compromise
They bought and sold you before you realised

4th verse
You live and learn and you find maturity
You trim your mast and you set yourself for sea
Triumph or failure will look you in the eye
They'll come and go everyday you are alive

5th verse
Love is a stranger, a shadow passing by
It's got its lows, and its middles and its highs
There'll come a time when they'll put you in the ground
Just leave a soul in the Lost and Found


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