The Magic Highway


Lem Lubin was recruited when Christie decided to expand from a trio to a quartet. Here's how New Musical Express reported the move.

christieCHRISTIE'S decision to add to their ranks and become a four-piece in order to get a fuller sound is something they've been thinking of for some time.
    The new guy is 23-year-old Lem Lubin, ex-Zoot Money and Unit 4 + 2. More recently he'd been playing in a band called Satisfaction.
    Now Christie's line-up will comprise two lead guitars, drums, bass and also electric piano.
    Jeff Christie, who has been playing bass, moves over to lead and will play electric piano on some numbers.
    Christie met Lem while playing in Benidorm, Spain, last summer.
    "We saw him work … he's a good bass player and he sings well and he seemed ideal," Jeff said.
    Lem described the changeover in his music as "playing slightly more commercial material".
    "I think the trouble with Christie has been that they've been playing to the wrong kind of people.
    "They are much better musicians than people give them credit for."
    Lem will be featured on the group's new single, Iron Horse, scheduled for release in January, and also on their next album which they are currently working on.
    His first live gig with them will be at International Hall, London.
    Last word from Jeff: "We'll be doing more basic, driving material .. it won't be so involved … you can't really describe it because it's not heavy or blatantly commercial.
    "But it's working very well with Lem .. he's been rehearsing with us for a few weeks now and we're getting a very good overall sound."
    Shortly after this Christie embarked on a well-received college tour.