The Magic Highway


Jeff was among the many talented artists spotlighted in an exhibition on Leeds music in August, 2011.



THE Leeds Music History Project was the brainchild of four people dedicated to the city of Leeds' long history of great music – great venues, great bands, and great gigs.
    Passionate about the music of Leeds and wanting to make some noise about it, their first venture was to put on an exhibition in the Crypt at the Leeds Town Hall that showcased a collection of memorabilia, posters and records from the Leeds music scene over the past 40 years.
   True to the DIY culture of the creative scene in Leeds, this exhibition was pulled together by the energy and enthusiasm of a group of volunteers, and all the items in it have been loaned by bands and their fans.
   The exhibition ran from August 11 to August 27, 2011, and was a great success, pulling in more than 1000 visitors. Highlights of the exhibition included the Union Jack boots worn by Jeff during Christie's tours of the early 70s.