The Magic Highway


More promotional work for Hat-trick of Lions, with Jeff speaking to Lara King from BBC Radio Humberside in June 2010. Here are some excerpts:

lara kingLara King (LK): 40 years ago, Jeff Christie's famous track Yellow River topped the English charts for three weeks, knocking the English World Cup song off top slot. Jeff Christie is here with us this morning!
   Yellow River is one of those songs you get into your head and you just can't stop singing it, it's like an earworm.

Jeff Christie (JC): It beats me, I wrote it 41 years ago in 1969. At the time I was writing in a country pop genre style of song. The song was slightly outside of those parameters, with a strange combination of minor chords, and for some reason it flicked a switch in people's minds.
   It's like something that comes through you, like a current. You don't question it, it is very natural for me to sit down and write songs. It's like a poet or painter creating someting out of thin air, it's an exciting creative thing.
   But it doesn't stop there, you have to get the world to hear it, the business side of it, you know, it sometimes just takes the gloss out of it.

LK: Yes, you can't just hand it to a team to handle the promotion ..

JC: Well, it's just like this (promotion of the World Cup song), it's amazing how busy I've been and probably will be for the next two or three weeks to come; but you're happy to do it, it's like playing gigs with a band.

LK: So you've redone Yellow River, you've adapted it into an unofficial World Cup song.

JC: It was producer Dave Robertson who convinced me Yellow River would make a good World Cup song. I was less convinced at first, because I didn't want to mess with it; if it ain't broke, don't mess with it.
   But gradually he brought me round to his point of view, with a clever idea fusing ska with rap. The whole thing suddenly evolved into something quite cridebile. I am my own fiercest critic, but I found myseld digging it. It amused me, and got better and better. The response we've had across the board has been very good.

LK: It's got a kick to it, excuse the pun!

JC: It's just a fun track and it works I think. We'll see what happens with it. It makes me grin every time I hear it!