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JODY (J Christie)

1st verse
Well I've been sitting here for a few days now
There's been so many things I need to straighten out
There were things on mind I wanted to say
There's been so much confusion since you went away
The sun's going down, and you ain't around to be found

2nd verse
Don't you know that I want a few words in your ear
But when I came on home you'd gone and disappeared
I've been counting the hours and watching time fly
Even watered the flowers and made up a fire

Oh Jody, just think what you're doing
Well I know you ain't got time to straighten out my mind
Oh Jody, it's time you came home

3rd verse
Well I've been thinking about a lot of the things I could do
If you'd just come on home, I could explain to you
But I'm still sitting here, sipping beer after beer
I've been watching TV, movies on Channel Z
It's getting colder, and I'm one day older now

4th verse
Did you spare me a thought when you were out having fun
But I'm not gonna complain, cos you're the only one
Who can make the wrong right, turn on the light
I just have to confess, that I've been in a mess


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