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Iron Horse

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Disc and Music Echo

IRRELEVANT to the music, but this is a very LOUD recording.
   Keep the volume control constant and slip this in the middle of a pile and you’ll shake the walls in no uncertain fashion.
   So it shook me too, and in the right way.
   For this is Christie in their old style and at their best since San Bernadino.
   I’m sure they won’t mind me saying that Iron Horse borrows heavily from Yellow River, even down to some of the chord sequences.
   The sound is now that fraction fuller with the addition of the fourth member, but the instrumentation is still kept to its distinctive simplicity and the rhythm is straight and to the point.
   Given the airplay, I feel this could do very well indeed.

Record Mirror

THIS could just about restore the group’s chart fortunes.
   Heavy guitar-riff intro, into a very fair number.
   Maybe it just lacks a touch of instancy, but there’s still a very commercial feel to it.
One to watch, chart chance.

New Musical Express

SINCE springing into the limelight with Yellow River, a song which smacked of the great American outback, Christie haven’t had much chart luck.
   So they’ve gone back to their original style, reflecting the great push westwards in the days of the pioneers.
   Iron Horse is, of course, the name the Indians gave to the railroad .. and this Jeff Christie ditty has absorbingly descriptive lyrics, with a chugging beat to match.
   There’s also a hook chorus in much the same pattern as Yellow River, though not quite so catchy, I suspect.
   All the same, it is unquestionably the best single Christie have made since their No 1 hit, so it must rate as a contender.

Melody Maker

WITH the same cheery two-beat that made Yellow River a hit, Christie should gallop their charger into the chart, and beyond that there is not much man nor beast can say.

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