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This article was taken from the February 1971 issue of the US magazine Hit Parader. It was put together by Roy Carr, the journalist who covered many Christie shows for UK publications.

Christie turned in one of the fastest-selling singles on the British scene, and more or less represented that scene on the American side in 1970. Yet Yellow River was a big hit for the group before they actually had played their first gig together.
   The number was written by Jeff Christie, singer, composer and bass guitarist for the group.
   "You could say the Christie are a rock'n'roll band, for we will play basic, exciting music," Jeff said. "There will be quite a few songs that I have written and some really good old rock standards like Slow Down and some Carl Perkins ravers.

Hit Parader

   "As a band we want to try and recapture the old feeling and bring back some of the excitement of the early days of rock.
   "This includes updating the Everly Brothers sound. For ages, far too many bands have been getting too clever and playing way above the heads of their audience. If you call that clever."
   I inquired from Jeff how come he had written such an obviously country-rock flavoured song in such an exotic locale as Leeds, one of those dark, gloomy, cotton mill towns in Yorkshire.
   He replied: "I just got up one morning and said to myself, 'I'm going to write a song', and out came Yellow River. The title came first and after that, everything just fell into place. I find I get the best results if a song just takes me a couple of hours to complete. Well, this is exactly what happened in this case."
   When Yellow River broke in the UK, Christie went into retreat to plan and rehearse a good strong, stage act.
   "We spent a couple of weeks making sure that when we started to make public appearances, the people who came to see us wouldn't be disappointed," Jeff said.