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HENRY LONG (Blakley/Hawkes)

My name is Henry Long
And there is something wrong
See the people looking at me
I don't know why, it's boring me

Heads all turning round
Eyes are roaming on the ground
There's a man in blue beside me

It's so embarrassing
He started questioning
"Do you always go out like that
"Nothing on except a top hat"

Mother nearly died
Came to visit me inside
"No,it can't be my son Henry!"
"Officer, for his mother's sake,
"Give an absent-minded boy a break
"Anyone can make the same mistake."

"Sorry for the trouble and pain
"I've caused but this won't happen again."
"I have never heard,
"A story sounding so absurd,"
Said the magistrate before me

"Mr Plod, what's the latest news"
"Absent-minded Henry's on the loose
"Bet he's got another good excuse ..."


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